About Us

  • India Club Inc. is a not-for profit organisation of progressive people of Indian origin and Australians. India Club members come from a rich, varied and successful background, mostly professionals & business people from diverse cultural, educational and social backgrounds. Many IC members are influential leaders of our community. The Club proudly provides vibrant leadership and encourages energetic and powerful ideas to promote community interests, its dreams and achievements in Australian environment and business arena. India Club is not limited to the Indian subcontinent only; but it is open to all, Indians, Australians and other ethnic communities. We have members from many different parts of India and of other nationalities.

    India Club members have embarked, on a very exciting and significant journey and together we endeavor to shape up "India Club Inc." as "The Indian club", a unique club in Sydney.

    Purpose :

    India Club (IC) founded by Shubha Kumar and Aksheya Kumar is for benefit of the members and operates to promote worthy interests of Indian Australian community.

    Mission :

    "Life is good"; we enjoy the journey and enrich lives of fellow Club members.

    Objectives :

    The immediate foray of India Club is to organise social functions, facilitating friendly get-togethers, enjoy and promote our culture and the community. Our dream is that one day we would have our own premises and people could say "Chalo Club chalte hain, Club main milte hain". Along side certain other aims and objectives of the Club are to :

    • Conduct social, recreational, educational, informative, humanitarian and spiritual activities for positive experiences.
    • Celebrate our cultural richness and share vibrancy of people from Indian subcontinent with the local community. Appraise and derive benefits from great Indian contributions to various aspects of life in our diverse cultural environment.
    • Promote community/welfare activities by pooling resources of influential, compassionate, business and professional people in our community. Cultivate partnerships that bring expertise, skills, experience and commitment, supporting meaningful projects and quality functions.
    • Add value to Club members, supporters and the community. Recognise individual achievements and community contributions.

    Code of Conduct

    India Club Inc. believes in high traditions of decorum and etiquette. High standards set for it are strongly promoted by its current members. Traditions take a long time to mature and it is necessary that these standards are preserved and maintained.
    Every member of the Club is expected to ensure that due decorum, traditions, and etiquettes of the Club are properly observed. No member of the Club is expected to behave in any manner against the interest of the Club, whether attending the Club functions or outside.
    It is endeavoured with our 'Code of Conduct' for members that good ethics, customs and traditions of the India Club Inc. are maintained and
    preserved at all times.